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Evolve ShowerStart Thermostatic Shut-Off Valve

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Brand: Evolve
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Evolve ShowerStart Thermostatic Shut-Off Valve (TSV) allows you to effortlessly save the hot water and energy that’s used while waiting for your shower to warm up. Simply insert the TSV between the shower arm and your existing showerhead. When your shower turns on, ShowerStart monitors the water temperature. When it gets warm, it triggers a trickle to save water until you are ready. Simply pull the cord to resume full flow.

Since many people often leave to do something else as they wait for their shower to warm, such as brushing their teeth or picking out their clothes, countless gallons of hot water are unintentionally wasted at the start of every shower.

Key Product Features:

    • Does not interfere with shower pressure or flow.
    • Helps hot water last longer.
    • Notifies you when the shower is warm.
    • Installation is as easy as changing a light bulb.


    Installation Instructions:


    How to Use:

    1. Turn on your shower and do all the things you would normally do while waiting for it the water to warm.
    2. While you’re brushing your teeth or making coffee, ShowerStart kicks in and starts monitoring your water temperature. When it reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit, it automatically lowers your shower flow to a trickle to save water. It will stay this way until you are ready to get in.
    3. You know the shower is ready because you can hear it’s just a trickle. When you are ready to get in, just pull the cord to resume full shower flow.