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TrickleStar 12-Outlet Tier I Advanced Power Strip

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Brand: Tricklestar
SKU: TS1006
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This advanced power strip helps save energy by automatically removing power from selected outlets when the master outlet is not in use. This 12-outlet model offers three always-on outlets for devices that you do not want turning off automatically, one master outlet, and eight outlets that are controlled by the master outlet.

Key Product Features:

    • Reduces energy waste to save money
    • Prolongs the life of electronics
    • Offers 252,000 Amps / 4320 Joules premium fireproof surge protection
    • Ideal for computer and TV setups
    • Four-foot heavy-duty power cord with angled space saver plug


    How It Works:

    • An advanced power strip works on a simple control/switched basis.
    • When the TV or PC is plugged into the control outlet and turned on, the switched outlets will turn on and electronics plugged into them can be used.
    • When the TV or PC is turned off, the electronics plugged into the switched outlets turn off.


    Installation Instructions: